Week 4-6 (9/7-9/25)

Bring stitching materials to class!
-Learn how to start a stitching project!
-Begin by learning how to thread a needle, tie a knot, and plan your artwork. 
-Share stitching artwork with classmates. 
-Turn in on Google Classroom 

Week 3 (8/31-9/4)

-Make a class "Social Contract"
-Learn about stitching, and see some artist who make beautiful stitching projects!

Week 2 (8/24-8/28)

-Learn how to Document your Artwork. 
-Demonstration on how to draw a self portrait. 
Monochromatic Self Portrait due on Google Classroom!

Week 1 (8/17-8/21)

-Welcome to Art!
-Art Class Information
No assignments due this week. 


3rd Graders will receive a bag of stitching materials. Please do not use these supplies until Ms. Denton directs you to in art class. We will be working on a rainbow stitching project, and there will be a lot to learn!
If you need a replacement material or if you have any questions, please email Ms. Denton at

Week 7 (9/28-10/2)

To celebrate EGES Health Week, students will learn about making a "Healthy Rainbow" using fruits and vegetables. 

Week 8-9 (10/12-10/16)

Drawing a self portrait: PROPORTION


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