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Cutout Shapes

Art room procedures

I am so excited about the artwork and creativity that will happen in art this year! I want to introduce some classroom procedures that make for a successful art room. 

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Every class, students have the opportunity to get an EGES Compass Card. In order for a class to receive this, they must follow these steps.

1.  Entering the classroom quietly
2.  Listening to instructions
3.  Be respectful to yourself, others, and materials.
4.  100% effort on artwork
5.  Responsible clean up
6.  Line up nicely

Compass Cards are a school wide initiative and classes with many cards receive rewards!

Artist of the Day

Every class, I will be looking for an “Artist of the Day”... It is a mystery every class… This student will be announced at the end of the class and will receive a reward and recognition for their good behavior.

The Artist of the Day is a student who...

  • Is kind and helpful to classmates.

  • Respectful to all

  • Gave great effort on their artwork

  • Followed instructions.

  • Made awesome art!



I want to be as transparent as possible with grades in the art classroom. It is my goal that all students will meet and exceed standards. Below is a visual example to bring more clarity.

1 2 3 4 in artjpg.jpg

Calm Down


Table jobs

Students will sit at table groups. Each class, a table will be assigned a job to keep everyone accountable.
Check tables, floors, materials, shelves, sinks, leave the art room better than it was before!
Pay special attention to directions so you can help to answer classmate’s questions
Remind about appropriate voice levels, dismiss quiet tables.
Hand out and collect materials neatly and nicely.

Classroom ManagEment

EGES follows the Capturing Kids Hearts process for classroom management. 

  • We start off art class by sharing "good things" to encourage positive thinking and at the beginning of class. 

  • Students make a "social contract" to design how they want to be treated and how they want to be treat others in the art room. This is something we return to in conversations throughout the year. 

  • If students are not following expectations:

Step 1: Verbal Warning

Step 2: 4 Questions/ Calm Down Reflection

Step 3: Call Home and Referral 

The 4 questions:

1. What are you doing?

2. What are you supposed to be doing?

3. Are you doing it?

4. What are you going to do about it?

Hand Drawing

If students need a break, there is a desk in the classroom where students can choose to go to focus on their emotions, and to calm down in a safe place. This will have a workbook with positive affirmations and alternative assignments/activities. 

Feel free to email or message me on Talking Points anytime! 
Students can leave feedback in a mailbox on my desk!
This website is where you can find art classroom updates and announcements for art events/opportunities. 
Stay in the loop about what is happening in the art room, by following the art class Instagram page:
I am committed to supporting diversity of thoughts, perspectives and experiences.  I honor your identities (including race, gender, class, religion, ability, and more.)
I am open to feedback from parents, staff, and students.


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