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Student Art Gallery

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Circle of Colored Pencils Slanted





My goal as an art teacher is to have a flourishing classroom environment where students are learning to be authentic human beings who gain the critical creative skills to be future leaders and to serve others well. I want to empower students to be community builders, who share their unique stories in creative ways. I want to teach students the importance of engaging the world in a gentle and curious way- to foster understanding within themselves and one another. I want students to know that they are not defined by their mistakes, but instead celebrated for their valuable creativity. Students in my classroom should know that they are cared for, listened to, and valued deeply.


I want to include opportunities for interdisciplinary work in my art classroom. Art can relate to other school subjects and other student interests- which makes for more dynamic and well-rounded work. It is important for the art-making process to be informed and well-researched. The STEAM model of learning is an example of this approach that I follow. Creativity is a process that can translate to other aspects of life. I want students to engage in the entire process- from planning, creating, reflecting, and sharing ideas. I want to empower students to use creativity as a tool for problem solving. This process will help my students to become critical thinkers, who have the personal agency to create positive change in the world around them. 


I want to build a classroom community that values sharing ideas and working collaboratively on art projects. I think that important creative feats can be taken on by many brains working together. This approach to learning can help to build bridges and facilitate understanding between students. I want to have a classroom where everyone learns from one another and discussion is encouraged.  


I value honesty and openness as a teacher. I want students to feel like they can make mistakes and take on challenges with an open mind. Engaging in art-making is personal and vulnerable, and I want students to be comfortable with trying new things- whether its a new medium, a new conceptual idea, or a new artistic process. I want art class to be a place where failures are embraced as learning opportunities, and as a part of the process of creating. I want to approach teaching with a pedagogy of care, and a commitment to authenticity. I think it is important to be sensitive to the individual needs of students. An approach to education with a focus on care can transform the school environment to one that is compassionate and focused on student success. 


I drew this in Kindergarten- it's me as an art teacher!

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